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Sea Green Singers contact telephone ( Keya Guha): 01865 202957
e-mail: mail@seagreensingers.com

Sea Green Singers

an Oxford-based singing group of freedom and green songs

This site gives information on:

programme of future (and past) performances and rehearsal schedule;

videos of previous performances;

For those who missed the magnificent multi-choral Water Aid concert event on March 24th 2007, hear a taste (for the multi-sensoriel) of what you missed.

songs in the reportoire

The Seagreen Singers are a community singing group based in Oxford. We sing songs that change the world. The group was formed after a class arranged by the Oxford Workers' Education Association (WEA).

The group is named after the colour of the ribbons worn by the Levellers, a radical movement within Cromwell's Model Army. Levellers were involved in a series of mutinies in the army to try to realise their demands. After each mutiny was crushed, several Levellers were executed as an example. More history of the Levellers can be found here and here. The legacy of the Levellers lives on in our singing group.

We have sung at diverse political events and actions such as:

* singing alternative carols for the Palestine Solidarity Campaign;
* raising money for peace-focussed campaigns and charities;
* outreach at detention centres (enables us to get into places, such as Campsfield detention centre and meet refugees);
* singing at Levellers' Day - to commemorate the Levellers;
* empowering the local community.

There is no audition required to join the group; we encourage all members, and potential members, in Oxford to come along - all that is needed is an attitude of creating a better world; a desire for peace and justice; and, of course, a love of singing!

The Sea Green singers meet at St.Columba's Church Hall, Alfred Street off the High Street, Oxford, on Thursday at 8pm. All are welcome to join and no singing experience or ability to read nusic is required. For more information contact Keya Guha, 01865 202957

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Sea Green Singers contact telephone ( Keya Guha): 01865 202957;
or e-mail mail@seagreensingers.com
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