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Sea Green Singers
'Hear the People's Voices: Hidden History',
Quaker Meeting House, 28th April, 2018, St Giles, Oxford.

Englands Hidden History: The story in song, poetry, readings, images, in English history of the history of resistance to oppression, and the struggle to establish human rights for all, by the groups and individuals oppressed by the ruling order over the centuries from then till now.

Booklets for words for songs.
1): song book as Word doc to follow
or 2): same document to follow as double sided booklet consisting of two pdf files, one for odd numbers; one for even numbers being the front and the back pages;

Songs in alphabetical order:

Bonnie Besses - Full choir
Chartist Anthem - Full choir
Diggers song - Full choir
Emily inspires us all - Women only
Envoi - We will go singing
John Ball - Full choir
Manchester rambler - Full choir unison with guitar with audience
No going back - Full choir
Peterloo Massacre -
Poverty knock - Full choir
Slave's Lament
Somewhere on Sea
Tolpuddle Man Solo on verse with choir on chorus
Tom Paine's bones - Full choir
We shall go singing (Woodcraft Envoi)
Which side are you on? - Full choir

'Seed of hope' or 'A journey of 1000 years' or 'Envoi' sung at intervals throughout the performance

Blood and Gold
Bonny Besses - sound files for Chorus
Bonny Besses - sound files for verse, sops and altos are in unison.  
 Chartist Anthem Ewan MacColl - Intro
Chartist Anthem
Men of the honest heart
(The) Diggers Song - (see also Leave the Oil...)
Emily Inspires Us All
Envoi - sound files are lower than we sing.
Starting notes for what we sing here
and in Bass Hi and All together

tenor - SW

Hold the fort  
John Ball
Manchester Rambler - Verse unison       Unison - midi  
Manchester Rambler - Chorus
No Going Back - FS
Peterloo - Chorus
Peterloo - Verse       Verse - SW
Poverty Knocks
Slaves Lament  
Tolpuddle Man - chorus, unison        
Tom Paines Bones - Tune - sgs
Seed of hope    
Which Side Are You On

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