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Sea Green Singers - Womens Song in Dm - click on image to enlarge - (in Em)

  Women's Song
1. Women born without a past
We whose historys' quite unknown
Since the darkest times – women
Live a life that's never shown

Rise up, women we are slaves all
Break out, escape, tear down the wall
Arise, arise, arise, arise

2. Women humiliated, crushed
Bought and sold, raped and oppressed
Everywhere, every home – women
Outsiders, social rejects

3. Woman ignored by everyone
Sad, alone where do we start
They have divided us – women
Sisters, we are kept apart

4. Women it is time to strike
Our time has come around
Recognize our strength women
Thousands round us can be found

5. Women, we must be aware
Speak out, look around, behold
All together, now – women
All as one we must revolt